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        Nanjing Huawe Medicine Technology Group co., LTD.(Huawe Medicine) was founded in 2000, which provides a professional drug discovery, research and technical services. Our company has passed the national certification of “High-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province (2012)”, “Outstanding enterprise in Jiangsu province (2014)”,“Outstanding private enterprise in Jiangsu province (2012)”and “Private technology enterprises in Jiangsu province(2012)”. Huawe Medicine has won the Qingke “top of 50 most Investment valuable enterprises of China in 2013”, we won the highest award China technical services "Jin Qiao prize " the two consecutive terms (the 5th / 6th) of China technology market association, and received numerous provincial, municipal innovation/development fund to support the project. Huawe Medicine has two wholly owned subsidiaries of  Nanjing We-do Medicine co., LTD (We-do Medicine) and Jiangsu Leeway Biological Technology Co.,Ltd.(Leeway). We-do Medicine is mainly engaged in the custom synthesis, intermediate in the production of high-end APIs and the related sales; Leeway biological mainly engaged in Medicine/instrument clinical CRO,import registration service.
        Huawe Medicine currently has 15000 square meters of research and development center (Xianlin University City)  and 2500 square meters of API experimental base (Liuhe Chemical Industry Park) in Nanjing.Company with a number of returnees Dr.as the core of research and development team to focus on chiral synthesis, slow controlled release technology,innovative drug delivery system, the new molecular drug screening and so on many frontier technology research,has made more than 40 technical invention patent, 2 PCT patents; Company currently has professional R&D team of more than 160 people, including doctor/master more than 50 people. In the past 13 years, we focused on technology research and development of Medicine industry, medical technology.We has achieved outstanding results,developed more than 200 new medical technologies, has registered more than 50 medicine certificate and has achieved more than 100 production licenses.The customer base of Huawe Medicine includ Yangtze river Medicine group, Harbin Medicine group,Chia Tai Tianqing Medicine group,China national medicines group,Taiji group,Kangyuan medicine,Qilu Medicine,Lunan Medicine group ,Huayuan group,Guangzhou Medicine group,Luoxin medicine,Kelun group ,conba group and many other domestic and foreign famous enterprises and listed companies.More than 60 enterprises of chinese Medicine industry top 100 enterprises in 2013 have become our medical service customers.
        Huawe Medicine has become the domestic industry in a leading position in the medicines research and development outsourcing service provider, we can provide partners  medicines discovery, research, registration, clinical,supply of API new medicines development of the whole process service and integrated solutions. 


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